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Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Chicken & Broccoli Rabe Sandwich

Wanderlust Wednesday – Paris

Brunette Traveler

Paris, France – June 2013

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday! So this is going to be the first of what I will try to make a weekly (maybe more realistic bi-weekly) venture to highlight a travel tip or place I have been, or would like to go.


I was looking at pictures on my laptop and reminiscing about my trip to France for a week last year with my friend. Here’s a little summary of what I got up to during my wonderful trip. We decided we would keep the trip as cheap as possible, so we booked into a hostel with the least number of alarming reviews and hoped for the best. Our mantra was, “we only need a bed to sleep in because we’ll be out and about the whole time.” We packed lightly and were both like excited puppies for our first time in Paris. Our flight was delayed…

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Spider Webs Force Suzuki To Recall Midsize Cars

Travel: Weekend in Rio de Janeiro

bad sentences

Once it was confirmed that we’d be going to August this month, we had to cancel a trip to Wrightsville Beach we’d planned for our first wedding anniversary. We were scheduled to get back less than a week prior to that trip, and we just couldn’t afford to do both.

Not a huge sacrifice. A six-hour drive to the beach can happen anytime. A trip to Brazil is harder to come by, so we set about reorganizing our travel plans and decided to tack on a long weekend in Sao Paulo, four hours away from Bauru, for an early anniversary celebration.

Then, everyone in Bauru told us we would long regret spending a weekend in SP over a weekend in Rio. People were emphatic on this point. I actually didn’t think going to Rio was feasible at all, having not a lot of knowledge about domestic travel in Brazil, but all it…

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Cell Phone Photography-Are You Kidding

Chemical Threat: Kiev shelling risks massive E.Ukraine factory release

Olivia Palermo – Get the Look

Jodie Barry

Olivia Palermo - Get the Look
Loved this look worn by Olivia Palermo during the week! It’s a pretty simple look but I think it looks so chic… so I thought I’d find some similar pieces to recreate Olivia’s look! ❤

Uniqlo white blouse
$33 – uniqlo.com

Schutz strappy sandals

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SPRING Into Shopping: The Next Great App

The Spring app makes online shopping so much easier! As if we needed anymore assistance in spending our money, the Spring iPhone app lets you shop brands you know and love as well as easily discover new ones in one single swipe! But it doesn’t stop at just luxury labels. Find and follow emerging designers, beauty brands, new arrivals, Spring exclusives, and daily deals all in one place.




An App sent from heaven! Try it out now!

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