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Is there a “Statute of Limitations” on filing a GANG RAPE lawsuit? NO.

Exploring the definition of  “gang rape” and the process of filing a gang rape lawsuit this week. There is no statute of limitations on filing a “gang rape” lawsuit via Title IV.

Gang rape, also called serial gang rape, group rape, or multiple perpetrator rape in scholarly literature, is the rape of a single victim by two or more violators (typically at least three). Gang rapes are forged on shared identity of the same religion or race.

Gang rapes often involve two or more men as perpetrators. These rapes have characteristics beyond those found in rape by individuals; for example, gang rapists tend to be younger and serial in their crimes, the gang is more often under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Gang rapes are more violent; the sexual and non-sexual injuries to the victim are often far more severe. The gang members typically dehumanize their target victim(s) before and during the rape. Everywhere there is a tendency to blame the victim; ho…

Wikipedia · Text under CC-BY-SA license

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I think the romance of dating was ruined by the internet. I’ve given up on it for several reasons but mostly because I met too many crazy and/or incompatible people there. Maybe the matching logarithm was skewed on purpose, just to frustrate us. Keeping compatible people apart could be profitable; keep everyone mismatched so they […]

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